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What are the precautions for packaging in the food industry?

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For any company that produces physical goods, good packaging is an invaluable asset. Packaging design not only conveys information to consumers about the contents of the package, but also conveys information about what the brand represents. In addition to creative design, some special factors need to be considered in food packaging. What are the precautions for packaging in the food industry?



Packaging considerations in the food industry

1. Budget. Packaging costs usually account for 8-10% of the overall product cost. In addition to production costs, transportation and distribution costs may also be affected by the packaging materials that companies choose to use. The inventory cost based on the size of the packaged product will vary according to the packaging design of the product. Nowadays, some packaging factories can customize food-grade vacuum bags, stand-up pouches, zip lock bags, retort bags, aluminum bags, etc., which can shorten the design cost.


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2. Protection. Product packaging in the food industry must allow the internal content to remain fresh and safe to eat. Therefore, certain products will require specific types of packaging materials to protect them from temperature, operation, etc. Frozen foods, dry groceries and perishables each require different types of packaging to maintain freshness. It is also important to choose packaging materials that can withstand contamination. No matter what kind of packaging materials they choose, companies need to understand the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration to avoid legal troubles in the future.


3. Development trend. Like any other industry, packaging in the food industry is also affected by various development trends and influences. For example, environmentally friendly packaging is rapidly spreading in many industries such as food and beverages. In order to maintain the leading position of leading design, the wise choice is to maintain a competitive advantage. In the packaging design process, try to strike a balance between creativity and familiarity. YT Kaixiang Packaging have attached great importance to product quality, comprehensive services and technological innovation, and strived to provide each customer with the most suitable packaging service.


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4. Brand personality. The packaging design of a product should reflect the brand image of the company that manufactures the product, and food packaging is no exception. Make sure that the packaging chosen for your business’s food appeals to the target audience. Regarding packaging in the food industry, there are special considerations that need to be considered in advance to prevent products from being contaminated before they reach the final consumer.



What are the precautions for the food packaging industry? What is the difference between different types of food packaging such as eco Friendly coffee Bags, pet food storage bags, dried fruit bags? Follow our next article to tell you the answer.

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