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What are the roles of plastics in the food industry?

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The role of plastics in the food industry is very important, but due to the growing demand for sustainability, although many people call for the end of the use of plastic packaging food, we know that plastics should not be completely eliminated. Let us understand the role of plastics in the food industry.



The role of plastics in the food industry

Plastic reduces food waste

Plastics can greatly extend the shelf life of thousands of foods on the market. Nearly 50% of the world’s food will be wasted. The increase in food waste leads to higher greenhouse gases, especially methane. If we do not eliminate wasted food, these gases released by the decomposition of food may be harmful.


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In addition, creating and distributing food consumes more energy than plastic. When we have to maintain more food supplies because half of the food is wasted, we are using more energy for production. Food plastic packaging has the ability to double or double the life of food, so it can be used to prevent food waste.



Plastic improves convenience for consumers

Since pvc packaging bags helps extend the shelf life of hundreds of products, thereby reducing food waste, it also allows manufacturers to store your favorite items on the shelf. This allows you to easily walk into the store and find exactly what you need in good condition.


Plastic packaging bags for food allow stores to meet demand for different foods without having to throw away spoiled foods before they are sold. This eliminates the food shortage of popular foods and enables you to find the ingredients you like throughout the year. Plastic prevents gases that normally cause food spoilage from entering the product, and it provides a barrier that allows food to stay fresh for a longer period of time, so it can appear on shelves when needed.


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Development direction of food plastic packaging

Despite the current poor reputation of resealable plastic bags and plastic packaging bag for sustainability, the fact that the food industry must use plastics cannot be avoided. It just provides too many benefits for food production and distribution and cannot be completely eliminated. However, we do need to continue our efforts to create better versions of plastic that are easier to decompose or recycle. Every year, hard-working professionals strive to provide more sustainable plastic solutions for our packaging needs.


Before finding the final plastic formula that meets the world's sustainable development goals, it is the consumer's job to use plastic responsibly and ensure its effective recycling. There are many food packaging plastics that can be recycled, but as consumers, we have not put these materials back into the system. The more we choose to recycle plastic packaging, the less material we find in landfills. The higher recycling rate also helps the food industry take advantage of the benefits of plastic pouch packaging without generating excessive waste.


We hope that you have understood the role of plastic bag in the food industry, and hope that you understand the many reasons why eliminating poly & plastic bag is not an ideal solution. We hope that in the future, we will assume more responsibilities in the manufacturing and recycling of plastic packaging so that we can live in peace with the world's natural resources.

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