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What are the types of candy packaging?

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There are many kinds of candy packaging products, each of which provides customers with the opportunity to taste delicious candies. Below we introduce some commonly used packaging supplies for storing different candies and other foods.



Pillow bag

The type of candy packaging is pillow bag. These are usually used to tie together pre-packaged candies, so you can buy multiple candies at once. The bags were shaped like pillows, and they were found lying flat on the shelves of the grocery store. They were known to hold mini chocolate bars and individually packaged fondants.


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Hanging bag

Hanging bags are often seen in grocery stores and other retail locations. They are a type of plastic bag, sealed at both ends, sometimes with a middle back seam. The hanging bag has a pre-cut hole that can be easily suspended from the hook, so it can be displayed in an attractive way. These bags contain many pieces of candies, which can be pre-packaged in the bags to keep them fresh.


Reclosable zipper bags and pouches

Reclosable bags and pouches are essential for confectionery products because they allow customers to conveniently use their candies while maintaining freshness. The zipper opening and closing allows customers to use portion control or carry candies anytime and anywhere. You can also customized zip pouch with logos or personalized shape pouch.


Gusseted plastic bag

Gusset bags are often called flat-bottomed bags because they have folds and are flattened. It can expand the bag to increase the carrying capacity and maintain the shape of the box when necessary. These types of plastic bags can be heat sealed, strapped, stapled or sealed with tape. They are the ideal plastic bag for anyone who wants to get more candies in one bag. You can fill a bag full of various candies and take it home.


Candy tray

The candy tray can be ordered in many sizes in batches, or custom molded according to your products. These are the plastic trays you find in luxurious two-piece packaging boxes or gift boxes to hold a single candy in place. They are very popular among all kinds of chocolate gift boxes, and manufacturers like to display each individual chocolate separately to keep the appearance clean.


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Flexible bag

The flexible pouch is a great choice for sweets and other desserts. They can be made with a zipper closure, which helps keep the contents fresh for use. The flexible pouch has an amazing printing function, so you can add attractive candy brands to the pouch itself. Many pouches can stand independently, which can help you improve the appearance of the shelf.



Aluminum foil wrapping paper

Aluminum foil wrappers can help preserve the freshness and taste of different candies. They can usually be seen wrapped in various chocolates and other types of delicacies. Aluminum foil packaging pouch is usually available in various sizes and colors. In addition, it can also be printed and customized according to your application.



Which candy packaging do you prefer? Welcome to tell us what your idea.

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