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What are the types of wet tissue packaging bags?

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All kinds of paper towels are flooding the market, including dry paper towels and wet paper towels, and their plastic pouch packaging has its own characteristics, while almost all wet paper towels are sealed with plastic. However, once the material of the packaging bag is improperly selected, it is easy to break during transportation or sale. If the sealing performance of the packaging bag is not good, it will cause the wet tissue in the packaging bag to be squeezed and the water will be squeezed out.


Today, I would like to introduce three kind of wet tissue resealable polypropylene bags: triple-sealed wet paper towel bag, wet paper towel back sealing bag, wet tissue organ easy-to-pull bag.



Triple-sealed wet paper towel packaging bag


Generally, this kind of packaging bag is made of two layers of composite materials: PET/PE and OPP/PE. The opp bag package made of this material has excellent sealing performance, high barrier, ultra-low oxygen and humidity permeability, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, radiation-proof and corrosion-proof, strong mechanical properties, bright and practical appearance and no toxicity.


84-1-opp bag package

Triple-sealed wet tissue small resealable plastic bags have low material loss, perfect packaging bag pattern and good sealing quality, which can reduce the probability of bacterial invasion of wet tissue, thus improving product grade and increasing product value.



Wet paper towel back sealing bag


The packaging bag is made of OPP/ aluminized /PE. Compounding another layer on the basis of OPP/PE will make it stronger. Aluminum plating has certain shading property, which can keep the freshness of wet tissue. The wet wipes aluminium foil plastic bag is made of aluminum-plated film commonly used in food, which has stronger water locking ability and shading ability, and the moisture of wet wipes is not easy to lose. Although the cost is high, the quality of wet wipes can be better guaranteed. Single-piece packaging can avoid the problems of cross-contamination and easy breeding of bacteria after the wet wipes are disassembled. Compared with other packaging forms, the wet paper towel back sealing bag has no sealing edges on both sides of the bag body, thus ensuring the integrity of the pattern on the front side of the wet paper towel printed polythene pouch.


Because the seal is on the back, both sides of the bag can bear greater pressure, which reduces the possibility of package breakage, reduces the probability of seal cracking to a certain extent, avoids the moisture extruded by wet tissue inside the heat seal plastic bags from overflowing the packaging bag, and reduces the probability of cost loss.



Wet tissue organ bag


Commonly used materials are matte film /VMPET/PE, VMPET/PE/PET. The PET on the surface of VMPET/PE/PET packaging bag is a printing layer, aluminized PET in the middle is a barrier layer, and PE in the inner layer is a heat sealing layer. This material enhances the tightness of the packaging bag. Wet tissue organ bag has many advantages, such as reduced space, beautiful packaging and rich printed content.


84-2-opp bag package


Wet tissue organ easy-to-pull bag


The material of this packing bag is generally MOPP+PET+PE+ matte film, MOPP+VMPET+PE. A self-adhesive label is attached to the front of the wet towel polythene bags for packing, which can be made of transparent material or milky white material, so as to avoid the deformation of the bag body around the through hole caused by repeated extraction of wet towel, and the label can be printed with exquisite patterns.


The wet tissues of organ easy-to-pull packaging bag are mostly used by babies, so it is very important to have good sealing performance. When purchasing wet tissues, the poor sealing performance is easy to breed bacteria, which has an impact on the health of babies. Therefore, the polythene packaging bags of bagged wet tissues needs to be sealed without damage.

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