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What food should be kept in vacuum?

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With the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, vacuum plastic bag package has occupied an indispensable position in contemporary people's lives. It is a typical field of vertical extension of packaging technology and plays an irreplaceable role. An important way to prevent food from spoiling is not to contact with the air, so it is very necessary to use vacuum seal polythene bags when storing food.



Advantages of vacuum packaging


1. High barrier: Co-extrude the film by using the high barrier properties of different plastic materials, so as to achieve the high barrier effect on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and odor.


2.Stable performance: oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, quality preservation, freshness preservation and odor protection, which can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging and inflatable self adhesive plastic packaging.


99-1-reusable resealable plastic bags

3. Low cost: Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extruded film has great advantages in cost. Due to the simple process, the cost of the film products produced can be reduced by 10-20% compared with dry composite films and other composite films.


4. Flexible specifications: it can meet your different requirements for different products.


5. High strength: The co-extruded film has the characteristic of stretching in the processing process, and the strength can be improved correspondingly after the plastic is stretched, or plastic materials such as nylon and polyethylene can be added in the middle, so that it has the composite strength higher than that of general large plastic bags for packing, has no delamination phenomenon, and has good softness and excellent heat sealing performance.


6. Small volume ratio: Co-extruded film can be packed by vacuum shrinkage, and the volume ratio is nearly 100%, which is unmatched by glass, tin cans and paper packaging.


7. No pollution: no adhesive is added, no residual solvent pollution is caused, and it is green and environmentally friendly.



Five foods that should be stored in vacuum


Leafy salad


Many people don't like washing lettuce before cooking, because it will take up a large part of cooking time. If you use vacuum aluminium plastic bag to store clean lettuce, things will be much simpler. You can clean and cut vegetables in your spare time. After the water on vegetables evaporates, you can pack and store them in a vacuum bag. In the next period of time, as long as you need, you can directly open the vacuum reusable resealable plastic bags to use these washed vegetables.


Cured sausages and cheeses


Dairy products and meat are very perishable, and meat is also very picky about the environment. If the environment is too humid, the meat will be moldy, and if the environment is too dry, the meat will become very dry. This requires you to pack and store cured sausages and cheese in a vacuum plastic bags for packaging products in time, which can avoid contact with air and keep the food for a long time.


99-2-reusable resealable plastic bags

Freshly cut meat


Fresh meat usually contains a lot of water. If it is placed in a common environment, the water inside the meat will evaporate, and the surface of the meat will gradually dry, which will affect eating. Moreover, if the meat comes into contact with too much oxygen in the air, it will easily rot. Therefore, you need to put the fresh cut meat in plastic bags for vacuum sealing, so that the water in the meat will not evaporate.




Most nuts contain fat, which will deteriorate and give off an unpleasant smell if stored for too long, so you need to store nuts in the best vaccum seal bags, which can not only ensure that nuts will not deteriorate, but also prolong the shelf life of nuts.




Many people don't know that wine also needs storage in large vaccum bags, because it is easy to be oxidized, which affects the color and smell of wine, which is not good for people who like wine. 

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