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What is the development trend of facial mask packaging bags?

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It is self-evident how important the facial mask packaging bag is to the mask. Compared with the fancy decoration on the surface, the storage and protection functions of the packaging bag are actually more important. Mask packaging bags are usually aluminium bag. Let us understand the relevant knowledge together.



What is an aluminum foil bag

Aluminum foil bags are divided into aluminum-plated bags and pure aluminum bags. The aluminum-plated bag is to coat high-purity metal aluminum evenly on the plastic film under high-temperature vacuum. Pure aluminum bags are made of pure metal aluminum by pressing sheets, which can be combined with plastics to improve the plastic's barrier properties, sealing properties, fragrance retention, and shielding properties.


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The difference between aluminum foil bag and aluminized bag

1. The hand feel of aluminum foil bag is thick and stiff, harder and heavier. The hand feel of aluminum foil bag is lighter and softer than aluminum foil bag.


2. After the aluminum foil pouch is twisted, the coalescence is not easy to rebound, and the aluminum layer will break. After the aluminum-plated bag is twisted, the kinks will bounce away quickly, and the aluminum layer will not have obvious cracks.


3. The aluminum foil is not easy to burn with the fire point, the aluminum layer will be rolled back, and the aluminum foil packaging will leave gray aluminum slag after burning. When the aluminized film is fired, different plastic films can be burnt, and there is no residue of aluminum slag.



The development trend of facial mask packaging bags

Initially, the use of aluminium pouch bag in facial mask packaging was mainly driven by functional requirements. The back of the mask usually has the words "Avoid direct sunlight, place it at room temperature and in a ventilated and dry place", which also reflects that in order to maintain the activity and effect of the mask, the mask packaging must achieve the following basic functions: shading/barrier/ Moisture resistance/cooling property.


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In general, aluminum pouch packaging can basically meet the above requirements. But in a specific aspect, pure aluminum bags have greater advantages than aluminum-plated bags. For example, pure aluminum bags have complete light-proof properties, while aluminum-plated bags have only a certain degree of light-shielding; in terms of barrier properties and cooling properties, pure aluminum bags also have obvious advantages.


Nowadays, high-end facial masks have become a trend. In addition to excellent performance reflection on aluminium spout pouch, the most intuitive thing is the reflection of texture. Relative to aluminum plating, pure aluminum has a good metallic texture, silvery white, and has anti-gloss properties; aluminum has soft characteristics, and products with different composite materials and thicknesses can be customized according to requirements, which meets the pursuit of high-end products for heavy textures and makes high-end mask This is reflected in the packaging.



From the initial basic functional requirements of facial mask bags to the high-end requirements of performance and texture synchronization, it is the transformation from aluminum-plated bags to pure aluminum bags, which is a structural transformation requirement of the mask packaging industry in the new era.

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