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What should I pay attention to when customizing food packaging bags?

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With the continuous improvement of today's living standards, the appearance of food packaging bags directly affects sales. If a beautiful packaging can drive the essence of the product, I think many food manufacturers will still put more effort on the packaging. A good food packaging bag can not only attract consumers’ attention, increase the desire to buy, but also improve the grade of the product enhances the value of the product. What are the precautions for custom food packaging bags? Let us look at it together.



Precautions for custom food packaging bags

1. Material

What material to choose to package your food depends on the nature of your product. If you want to pack moon cakes, you need to use high barrier materials, if you are packaging oily food, you need to use oil-packed PE. There are many composite structural materials in packaging materials, which are determined according to the functional characteristics of the product. This is the most important point in customizing food packaging bags. Choosing the right materials can effectively extend the shelf life of food.


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2. Style

There are many styles of food packaging bags that can be processed, and new styles appear every day. Common food packaging bags, in terms of appearance, mainly include flat bags, side-sealed bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, fork ear bags, sling bags, waist bags, vest bags, self-adhesive bags, nozzle bags, and special-shaped bags and many more. How to choose the style of the packaging bag has the most direct relationship with the nature of the product and the consumer's habits.


3. Pattern

If you want your products to be distinctive and attractive, you need to design a set of ingenious printing patterns for your packaging bags. Exquisite printed patterns can attract consumers' attention more, increase their desire to buy, and also highlight your brand.


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4. Environmental protection

Try to choose materials that are not coated or plated. In modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion resistant, a large number of materials with coating are used. This not only brings difficulties to the recycling and reuse of materials after the product is scrapped, but most of the coatings are inherently toxic. If people eat these packaged foods, it will cause great harm to people's health.


In addition, the coating and plating process also brought great pollution to the environment. For example, paint volatilizes toxic solvent gas, and produces waste liquid containing heavy metals such as chromium and waste residue pollution during electroplating. When purchasing food, it is best to choose green packaging materials, and choose original paper packaging or biodegradable plastics bag.



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