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What should we pay attention to when purchasing spouted pouches?

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The structure of plastic spout pouches is mainly divided into two parts: spout and self-standing bag. The structure of self-supporting bag is the same as that of ordinary four-edge self-supporting bag, but composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging. The spout part can be regarded as a general bottle mouth with a suction pipe. The two parts are closely combined to form a beverage package, and because it is a soft package, there is no difficulty in sucking, and the contents are not easy to shake after sealing, so it is an ideal new beverage package.


Compared with common packaging forms, the biggest advantage of spouted liquid stand up pouches is portability. The spouted pouch can be conveniently put into a backpack or even a pocket, and can be reduced in size along with the reduction of contents, thus being more convenient to carry. At present, the soft plastic pouch for packing in the market mainly takes PET bottles, composite aluminum paper bags and cans. With the increasingly obvious homogenization competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiated competition. The liquid spout bag has both the repeated packaging of PET bottles and the fashion of composite aluminum paper bags, and has incomparable advantages over traditional beverage packaging in printing performance. Because of the basic shape of self-standing bag, the display area of spouted pouches is obviously larger than that of PET bottles, and it is superior to packaging which cannot stand. Of course, because the stand up pouch with spout belongs to the category of soft packaging, it is not suitable for the packaging of carbonated drinks at present, but it has unique advantages in juice, dairy products, health drinks, jelly foods and so on.


89-1-spouted liquid stand up pouches


Pouch converting


Flexible packaging is excellent in preventing leakage, because it is not as fragile as glass material, and it is not as easy to be squeezed and deformed as carton. The liquid pouch bag with spout has good sealing performance and can be reused.



Pouch prototyping


When customizing the spouted pouches, make sure that the design of the spouted pouch is scientific, otherwise it will easily cause some troubles for various reasons. You can order some samples before purchasing them to try and find out whether the plastic pouches for liquids meet your needs.



Filling equipment


Filling is a very important step in the production process, and the packaging and design of custom spout pouches will affect the overall appearance of products.



Flexible packaging materials


Compared with packaging made of other materials, it makes packaging more flexible and has advantages in transportation, weight and storage. Although the use of recyclable spout pouches has many advantages, it should be selected according to specific products.


89-3-spouted liquid stand up pouches


Pouch Testing


After the product is filled, in order to prevent subsequent problems, it is necessary to test the product, such as sealing function, anti-extrusion, compatibility and compression test.





The standing pouch with spout is very convenient in use, because it allows the products inside to be dumped, and the spout can be used many times to prevent the products inside from leaking out.

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