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Which Plastic Bags Can Be Used for Healthcare Packaging?

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In terms of tamper proof packaging, waste disposal, and drug transfer, medical and pharmaceutical departments must abide by strict regulations. These two departments use many plastic medical or pharmacy bags for a variety of applications, from dressing waste paper bags, specimen bags, and adhesive bags to respiratory device bags. According to the use and content, there are various types of medical bags to choose from.



Adhesive Bag


The self-adhesive seal plastic bag is a non-printed bag that can be used to seal the adhesive and has a tamper evident perforation for easy opening.



Bedside Bag


There are two strips of adhesive tape on the bedside table, which can be used in hospitals or nursing centers and convenient for patients.



Dressing Bag


Dressing custom plastic shopping bags are non-printed bags made of high-density plastic, which can be used to discard wound dressings.



Specimen Bag


The specimen black plastic shopping bag with "danger" sign is an ideal choice for transferring specimens from hospital to laboratory. Because they have a three-layers structure and an outer pocket, this helps to hold the relevant documents.



Medicine Pack


These very durable bags are made of high density polyethylene, which are tough and have a latex free adhesive tape. Because these bags are opaque white, it helps the patient's privacy.



Breathing Set Bag


The breathing set-up bag has a pull cord for carrying breathing equipment such as endodermis tube and bag valve mask.



Sterilization Bag


The sterilization bag can be used as a green bag for gas sterilization of various equipment and components.



Disposable Bag


The garbage plastic disposable bag is lined with linear low density and sealed bottom, which can protect the user or handler from the influence of internal content. They display biohazard symbols and warnings in popular languages such as English and Spanish for carrying and handling infectious waste.


4-1 plastic custom shopping bag


Zip Lock Foldable Bag


Zip Lock Plastic Packing Bag has foldable seal for carrying medicine or small medical tools and equipment. Besides, these bags may carry information such as "cold storage", laboratory specimens, "narcotic drugs," or any information related to the use.



Water Soluble Bag


Water soluble bags are used to transfer contaminated linen to the laundry, which reduces the contact between medical staff and clothing, so it helps to maintain hygiene. These bags are completely water-soluble at 140 ° F and can withstand wet linen for hours without damage.



Transfer Bag


By using an extremely strong adhesive, the transfer reusable plastic shopping bags have a tamper proof seal design, which can be used to safely transfer or transport the desired drug from the pharmacy to the desired location after being labeled accordingly.


If you're in the healthcare industry and want to dispose of your waste safely without harming the environment, make sure you use high-quality plastic bags that meet the state's regulatory requirements. Besides, make sure you purchase these bags from reliable manufacturers and suppliers.


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