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Which packaging form is suitable for preserving baby milk powder?

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The quality requirements for milk powder packaging mainly come from functional requirements, including safety factors such as oxygen resistance, moisture resistance, light protection, sealing, peculiar smell (residual solvent), etc. Meanwhile, its printing and machine performance, such as mechanical properties, heat sealing properties, surface smoothness, printing quality, etc., should be evaluated. In order to meet the above requirements, milk powder enterprises must carefully select reasonable packaging materials, and do a good job in quality inspection and control of incoming materials, production and processing, delivery and other processes according to relevant standards and specifications to ensure reliable product quality.


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Function of infant milk powder packaging.


During the production and transportation of milk powder, there will be various influences on some nutrients in milk powder. The standard infant milk powder standing pouch aluminium can separate the milk powder from the surrounding environment, which can eliminate the influence of the surrounding environment and human factors on milk powder, and keep the nutritional components of milk powder intact. Moreover, a good milk powder pouch aluminium foil can ensure that the milk powder is not squeezed during transportation and give full play to the value of milk powder.



The action of nitrogen.


Nitrogen is an inert gas in the air and is very stable. This kind of gas can isolate the milk powder in the milk powder aluminium bag packaging from the oxygen in the air, and prevent some gases in the air from affecting the nutritional value of the milk powder, that is, adding nitrogen into the standing pouch aluminium foil containing the milk powder can guarantee the shelf life of the milk powder.


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Different forms of milk powder packaging.


The most common packaging of infant milk powder in daily life mainly includes metal cans, plastic bags and cartons. Metal cans like aluminium foil packaging bags have the highest hardness among the three packaging forms, so they have good pressure resistance and moisture resistance during transportation and storage. The production cost of milk powder packaging made of this material is also relatively high. Large resealable plastic bags are also a very common packaging form of milk powder. With the maturity of packaging technology, it is very easy to achieve sealing and barrier properties in plastic bag. The disadvantage of this poly bag packaging is that it can not guarantee the freshness of milk powder well. Carton is a very environmentally friendly, simple and low-cost packaging form, and it can not guarantee the safety of milk powder. It is also vulnerable to external influences and extrusion injuries during storage and transportation.


These three kinds of packages are also different in performance control points. The key of infant milk powder packaging in aluminum foil pouch is to check the sealing performance of the packaging. Only when it is completely sealed can the deterioration of milk powder be prevented. The packaging of clear plastic packaging bags needs more tests, such as heat sealing performance, barrier property, anti-friction property and sealing property of packaging materials. For carton packaging, it is very easy to get damp, so the performance control points of this packaging are moisture resistance and compression performance.

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