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Why Are Stand Up Pouches Popular in the Snack Market?

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In recent years, small package food is becoming more and more popular and exquisite stand up pouch packaging has become a new trend, such as popular daily nuts, small quantity of baked goods, and small bottles of carbonated drinks. These snacks in the independent small custom stand up pouch are not only convenient to carry but also can control the intake, which is favored by the majority of consumers.




Different Kinds of Small Quantity Baked Goods


The traditional baking ration pack is mostly between 200g and 350g, which is mainly 250g, 280g and 330g, while the small ration pack is within 100g. The 82g and 76g specifications are most favored by enterprises and are the mainstream of the current small standing pouch custom market.


The products in small fixed quantity stand up zipper pouches launched by the enterprise quickly entered the market and the sales volume increased significantly, which also promoted the brand awareness of the enterprise and gradually formed a large-scale competitive advantage. More and more bakery enterprises enter the market, so small fixed quantity bakery products have attracted more and more attention in the market in a short period of more than a year, especially some urban white-collar workers and students.



Small Bottled Carbonated Drinks Drive Sales Growth


In China's mainland market, the revenue of aerated drinks (i.e. carbonated drinks) increased by 27.3% and the sales volume increased by 22.7% in 2018. This category accounts for as much as 70% of the revenue, but it still has such a high growth rate, which proves that the market is in favor of this category.


10-2 custom printed stand up pouches

Generally speaking, the category of aerated drinks has been recovering since last year. The main reason is that the main brands have adopted the strategy of small bottles, which better caters to the fragmentation trend of consumption scenarios. The fragmentation of beverage consumption scenarios means that consumers no longer need to drink a large amount of the same beverage in one scenario but need to drink a small amount of beverage frequently in multiple scenarios. Also, drinks in the small custom printed stand up pouch help to attract more brand-new consumers because these consumers think that small package cola can control the intake without too much burden on the body.


At present, more and more attention has been paid to products of the small recyclable stand up pouch. The senior director of FMCG research thinks that this is mainly related to the change of population structure because more micro families are emerging. Relevant data show that the proportion of two-person families is 43% and the proportion of single group is 35% at present. Therefore, this has led to changes in product specifications and custom standing pouch forms to a certain extent.

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