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Why Can Aluminum Foil Be Used for Packaging?

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In the past 100 years, the use of foil has developed to an almost endless number from Christmas tree decorations and spacecraft insulation materials to pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, which has improved our products and life in many ways.


To keep the thickness constant, the technician monitors the mill sensors to ensure that the pressure on the slab is correct. The sensor can tell the technician if the pressure is too high or not enough, so that the technician can adjust the roller to apply more or less pressure. Aluminum foil bag can completely block light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria, so it is widely used in food and drug packaging. It can also be used to make aseptic packaging, so that perishable goods can be stored for a long time without refrigeration.


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Growth of Aluminum Foil Packaging Market


The first preformed aluminium foil pouches appeared on the market in 1948, which gradually developed into a complete production line of molded and air formed aluminum foil containers. In the 1950s and 1960s, there was an amazing growth period of aluminum bags food packaging, so TV dinners in separate trays began to reshape the food market. Packaging foils can now be divided into three categories: household / institutional foils, semi-rigid foil containers, and flexible packaging. In recent decades, the use of foil has been growing steadily in every industry.

lFood preparation: pouch aluminium foil can be used to cover the thinner parts of poultry and meat to prevent overcooking, while the USDA has proposed limiting the use of aluminum foil in microwave ovens.

lInsulation: aluminum foil zip lock bags can achieve 88% reflection to be widely used for heat insulation, heat exchange, and cable lining. Aluminum foil backed building insulation not only reflects heat but also provides a protective vapor barrier.

lElectronics: metal foils in capacitors provide a compact storage space for charges. If you need to treat the surface of the foil, the oxide coating will act as an insulator. Aluminum packaging bags are commonly used in electrical equipment, including TV sets and computers.

lGeochemical sampling: geochemical household aluminum foil protects rock samples. Aluminum foils provide an organic solvent seal, so they do not contaminate the sample.

lArt and decoration: anodized aluminum foil creates an oxide layer on the surface of aluminum, which can accept colored dyes or metal salts. With this technology, aluminum is used to make cheap and brightly colored foils.


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Development Trend of Aluminum Foil


More and more aluminum foil is combined with flexible film to make lightweight aluminum pouch packaging, which allows packaging to expand in the production process and contract with product consumption.


lIn 1903, aluminum foil was first produced in France.

lIn 1911, Tobler, headquartered in Berne, Switzerland, began wrapping chocolate bars with aluminium spout pouches, whose triangle bar, TOBLERONE, has been in operation.

lAluminum foil production in the United States began in 1913 and the demand for aluminum foil soared during the Second World War. Early military applications included the use of chaff falling from bombers to confuse and mislead radar tracking systems.

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