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Why Do Users Like Zipper Packaging Bags?

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It is understood that people have used resealable packaging for more than a century, such as jars, wine corks and zip pouches for food.


Nowadays, flexible packaging is experiencing amazing growth. There are multiple options to make this type of consumer product packaging resealable. This article discusses the following five aspects that many people like to have flexible packaging with resealable closures.


The Shelf Life Can Be Extended


Most consumers believe that the biggest benefit of resealable packaging is very obvious. That is, people like how it keeps food fresh, preserves it and may extend its shelf life.


When food is closed with zip pouch bags for food or food grade zip plastic bags, they taste better and last longer. Even for items with a long shelf life (such as chocolate) without being sealed, people still feel that resealability will affect the freshness of the food.


61-1-standing pouch zipper

Under normal circumstances, products such as meat and cheese in delicatessen are often used in bottle caps such as zippers and sliders. For them, standing pouch zipper is the ideal choice. In view of this, consumers are beginning to hope to apply this technology to various products and expect this convenience. For example, resealable packaging can keep cereals and French fries crispy, prevent frozen food from being burned by the freezer, and keep dog food fresh. In addition, there are some products that are widely used, such as zipper coffee bags, clear zipper pouch gusset bags and zip lock bags for vegetables.


Reduce Waste


A study estimated that American consumers generate 4.3 pounds of waste every day.


Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to realize the personal impact on the environment and hope to make some contributions to the protection of the environment as much as possible. For example, many people choose to bring their own bulk ziplock bags or cereal bags with ziplock to go shopping in the supermarket. Resealable packaging means not only reducing food waste at home, but also reducing waste in secondary packaging (such as storage bags, aluminum foil or cling film).


61-2-zip pouches for food

Increase Product Value


Packaging is an important part of the product. Many consumers are very interested in the outer packaging of products, and they are willing to pay 14% more for resealable products. The resealability of flexible packaging is the second important feature of flexible packaging, such as product life and ease of opening.


Make Your Brand Stand out from the Competition


If you have been shopping in the supermarket recently, you will know that consumers are facing a large selection of consumer packaged goods. So, how does your brand draw attention to all the noise? Zip lock bags with zipper can easily give your brand an advantage over competitors' products on the shelf next to your product.


Make the Homeowner's Life Easier


Small convenience facilities can save time and play a big role. For example, it is very convenient for us to put crumb clips or head straps in stand up zipper pouch bags. There are all kinds of packaging bags on the market, and the convenience that resealable packaging brings to our lives is very obvious.

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