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Why Is Cooking Bag Better Than Can?

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A revolution is sweeping supermarkets about the cooking stand-up pouches for liquid, which will replace all previous canned products. We have never been able to see so many innovative packaging in such a short time span. Pet food manufacturers, seafood manufacturers, and other food manufacturers have begun to consider this new method of customized food packaging to make their products more attractive to consumers.




Advantages of Digestible Bags


Digestible bags have the following advantages:


lThe stand-up bag with window is made of special materials, so it allows manufacturers to use these packages to pre-cook food directly by using a new technology.

lThe cooking compostable stand up pouches with window are resealable, so consumers don't have to look for a place to store the remaining tuna. These bags come with convenient zip locks without the need to buy more storage media.

lThe food in the digestible bag can be cooked better because it provides a large surface area, resulting in a uniform distribution of the food in the transparent standing pouch. In a can, you may often find that the food near the outside surface is well cooked while the rest of the food is not.

lThe digestible stand up pouch without zipper adds visibility to your brand by providing a large surface for creating graphic designs and attracting consumers' attention. Besides, these bags are using the latest technology, so they are environmentally friendly.

lSupermarkets can place cooking spouted liquid stand up pouches on shelves or hang them on a hanging shelf, whose versatility makes manufacturers more visible.

lThe cooking custom standing pouch zipper is made up of several high-quality layers, which make the packaging simple and durable without worrying about any dents.

lCooking bags don't have sharp edges, so they are many times safer than tin cans.




Technological Properties of Cooking Bagged Food


lIn order to prevent the leakage of liquid when the food is put into the plastic container, the filling rate of the contents is generally controlled at about 80%. In general, the manufacturer also needs to replace the empty part with inert gas, such as nitrogen or carbonic acid gas, to prevent the content from discoloration or grease oxidation after filling the content, which has been widely used.

lWhen these products are treated with the general cooking sterilization method, the gas in the container is easy to expand and burst. Also, the sealing film is damaged during the treatment process, which often leads to the decline of commodity value and secondary pollution after sterilization.

lIn order to solve these problems, the manufacturer must control the internal pressure of the container equal to that of the sterilization device in the whole process of cooking sterilization, especially in the heating and cooling process.

lIn order to keep the shape of corn, rice, flour, and other solid products, some products sometimes use gas replacement method. The liquid food will use the method of air extraction and sealing after filling, while the solid matter will mostly use the method of vacuum packaging.

lAfter heating and sterilizing the food filled in the custom stand up pouch bag, the manufacturer can provide safe and delicious food to consumers through normal temperature circulation.

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