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Why Is the Standing Pouches Market Growing Rapidly?

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Packaging trends will change rapidly over time, so even if you grasp the pulse of the industry, there will always be some innovative ways to show products that you may not have considered. Standing bag (SUP) is one of the most convenient, flexible, and fashionable new packaging options, which have existed for decades, but they are rapidly becoming popular with the increasing public interest in efficiency and environmental protection.


Standing pouches paper foil usually have resealable zippers, slides, or nozzles that can carry solid, liquid, or powder items. You'll see these soft stand-up pouches all over the shelves of any retail store in 2021.




Growing Flexible Packaging Market


Because of its powerful function, flexibility, and rich potential uses, standing pouches are more popular than ever before, which is an important supplement to optional products in manufacturing industry. More and more products are packaged in bags, from coffee beans and soap to potato chips. Research shows that the U.S. demand for stand-alone pouches will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6% to $2.9 billion by 2022. Because they are light and take up less shelf space, stand-up bags tend to make product handling and storage easier.



Benefits for Brands, Manufacturers, and Consumers


According to different product requirements, white standing pouches include the following advantages.

lReseal ability: sustainable stand up pouches are usually resealable, which is a big advantage for consumers. For example, the use of a foldable sliding zipper can keep perishable snacks such as vegetables fresh for a longer time.

lTransparent windows: these windows allow consumers to view internal content and often increase the possibility of purchase. As a recent Forbes article pointed out, "consumers want to see not only the ingredients listed on the label, but also the physical products before buying."

lRecyclability: these small stand-up pouches usually use recyclable materials, which is a key factor in the growth of vertical bag market share.

13-1 custom standing pouch zipper

lLess materials: standing paper pouches require less materials in production, which reduces costs and waste of resources, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Consumers are also looking for sustainable options, so these bags provide enough retail appeal.

lSpouts: these packing standing pouches are fitted with spouts so that liquids, such as sauces, can be easily poured out without causing any confusion.

lDurability / stiffness: even if stand-up bags are made of flexible materials, they are cold resistant and can be designed to stay upright.

lHandle: handle is an extra option for standing bag. Adding a handle makes it easy for consumers to carry the product without the need for extra bags.


In addition, the trend of stand-up pouches eco-friendly is consistent with the change of consumers' eating habits. People have changed from three meals a day to snacks and snacks. A study in 2018 showed that consumers today are more likely to replace one or two meals a day with snacks. 80% of consumers say they eat snacks at least once a day, while upright bags support this trend because they are usually foldable.

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