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Why do we choose self-supporting spouted pouches?

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Self-supporting spouted pouch is mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, jelly and condiments, etc. Besides the food industry, the applications of some washing products, daily cosmetics and medical products are gradually increasing. For other packaging, stand up pouch with spout can be more convenient to pour or suck the contents, and can also be re-closed and re-opened. This kind of packaging bag is considered as the combination of self-supporting bag and ordinary bottle mouth. Therefore, it is generally applied to the packaging of daily necessities, such as liquid, colloid and semi-solid products such as drinks, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, cooking oil and jelly, here we are going to learn more about stand up pouches for liquids.



Advantages of self-supporting spouted pouches 




The weight of this spouted pouches is very light, and it is also convenient to carry out.


92-1-plastic bag pack



Spouted pouches have strong sealing performance and puncture resistance. Before the products packaged in plastic pouches for liquids are transported, a series of tests will be carried out to check the quality of the products. These tests include sealing strength test, tensile test, compression test, puncture resistance test and product packaging compatibility test, so there is no need to worry about the damage of plastic bag pack during transportation and sales.




There are many designs of spout pouch printing, and the surface of this package can also be beautifully printed.


Market competition


In many canned and bottled products, spouted pouches can easily attract customers' attention, so they have strong market competitiveness.


92-2-plastic bag pack


Disadvantages of self-supporting spouted pouch


Although standup pouch bag with spout is often seen in daily life, the products packaged with self-standing spouted pouches are limited. This kind of packaging can be used to store liquids, colloids and semi-solids. For many solid products, it is impossible to use this kind of packaging, and it is only suitable for packaging a small amount of liquids. If a large amount of liquids are stored with this kind of packaging, the standing effect of this sealed polythene bag will be affected. We often see many large-capacity laundry detergents packed in spouted pouches. The intellectual effect of these laundry detergents is relatively poor, and it is easy to collapse even after being used for a period of time.


With the upgrading of consumers' love for commodity packaging and brand-new understanding, polythene pouch printing design is required to keep pace with the times. Innovation is the soul of packaging design and the core strength of enterprise survival and development.


In the era of social media, everything is media, products are marketing, and product packaging has gained unprecedented value, which not only keeps the original functional value of outer plastic pouches for food packaging, but also carries the added value of products. Packaging bag is not only a package, but also the best advertising platform for its own products, and a key tool to promote the connection between brands and users.

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