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Why is food packaging important?

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In our daily life, the relationship between food and our human beings is the closest, and the accompanying food packaging has already entered thousands of households. Whether you walk into a store, a supermarket, or walk into our family, you can see beautifully designed, practical and convenient food packaging everywhere. With the increasing level of people's consumption and science and technology, and the continuous development of new products, the requirements for food packaging are getting higher and higher. Why is food packaging important?



The importance of food packaging

1. Food protection

Food packaging is very important for protecting food during transportation, handling and distribution, and maintaining the state of food during transportation from restaurant to consumer. For example, bag-in-box packaging is suitable for food and beverages, while aluminum packaging is suitable for soda cans.


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2. Food safety

Food packaging can prevent any contamination of food when it is delivered to customers and ensure food safety to eliminate or reduce food recalls and hazards, especially when the coronavirus is threatening people's lives. Facts have proved that recalling products may damage the reputation of the brand, reduce product sales and even lead to lawsuits. Since food contamination can occur anywhere in the supply chain, make sure to always provide safe and healthy meals.


3. Food freshness

Proper packaging can maintain the freshness, appearance, taste, shelf life and quality of the food, and make the meal more attractive.


4. Strengthen your brand and value

Packaging is a brand touch point and an important part of marketing, allowing you to communicate product information directly with customers. It also enables you to connect with customers through clever use of color, design and reproduction. In addition, packaging can convey your values to customers. For example, if your value is sustainability and the environment is important to you, you should consider using biodegradable packaging.


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Common food packaging materials

1. Styrofoam packaging bag: Styrofoam is very suitable for isolating hot and cold food to help maintain and control its temperature. However, it is not biodegradable and is not good for our environment.


2. Plastic packaging bags: Plastic is very strong, which can prevent leakage and protect food. It is probably the most commonly used packaging material because it is very cheap to manufacture, easy to transport and very durable. However, because plastic is not biodegradable, it is not good for the environment, and certain plastics can soak toxic substances into food.


3. Cardboard packaging bags: Cardboard is biodegradable, sustainable, easy to print, cost-effective, and strong when folded correctly. However, moist food will make it soft, and it is not a good insulator to keep the temperature.



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